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MOZA SR-P Clutch Pedal

MOZA SR-P Clutch Pedal

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  • Made with high-strength steel
  • High precision pressure sensor for up to 75KG
  • 16-bit high precision magnetic encoder
  • Direct connection with PC through USB port
  • Adjustable pedal spacing
  • Braking spring and damping block combined

High Precision Pressure Sensor with
A Maximum Range of 75 KG

The MOZA SRP pedals utilize pressure sensors with a maximum range of 75KG. The pressure sensors will detect the braking pedal stopping pressure . A user can obtain the ideal braking force by controlling the amount of pressure applied on the braking pedal.

16-bit High Precision Magnetic Encoder

The brake, clutch and throttle pedals all use 16-bit precision magnetic encoder with 65536 PPR resolution, a much higher resolution and more stable than a Hall sensor.

Dual Sensor Fusion Algorithm

The brake utilizes a pressure and angle sensor, allowing fine tuning of braking. The initial stage is dominated by the angle sensor, allowing racers to control the braking angle, the mid and last stage is controlled by the pressure sensor, which makes the pedal easier to control.

Braking Spring and Damping
Block Combined

Utilizing both a braking spring and damping block, racers can enjoy more control in the initial stage pedal travel, with a signature stiffness in the final stages of braking, highly simulating a real foot feel.


Direct connection with PC through USB port

The MOZA SRP pedals could connect to PC easily through a USB port and calibrate through the MOZA Pit House software. Compatible with all simracing gears in the market.


Multiple use scenarios

The anti-slip mat at the bottom prevents the pedal from slipping while being used without professional brackets, while being easily applied to more professional setups.


Detachable Pedal Design

Pedals can be detached and mounted onto other professional brackets with ease. For hardcore users, the pedals can also be reversed.

Pedal Travel Software Adjustment

MOZA's Pit House software allows for easy configuration of the pedals travels according to different needs.



High-strength steel

Plate Material

High-strength steel



Braking Sensor

Pressure sensor+angle sensor

Max Range of Pressure Sensor


Throttle Sensor

Angle sensor

Clutch Sensor

Angle sensor

Angle Sensor Resolution

16-bit (65536ppr)

Pedal Spacing


Pedal Surface Height


Pedal Connection Port

USB direct

Pedal Travel Software Adjustment


Pedal Travel Reverse Function


Anti-Slipping Bottom


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