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Bundle Meca EVO1

Bundle Meca EVO1

Ordinarie pris €1.610,95 EUR
Ordinarie pris €1.610,95 EUR Försäljningspris €1.610,95 EUR
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What´s in the box:

  • Accelerator pedal
  • Brake pedal
  • PCB box
  • USB-C cable
  • Set of polyurethanes – 2x black, 2x blue, 2x orange, 1x plastic spacer
  • User guide
  • 8x screw M6x25
  • 8x nut M6
  • 16x steel spacer
  • 8x plastic spacer
  • 2x T-Nut M6
  • 2x Screw M6x12
  • Meca EVO Handbrake
  • PCB box
  • USB-C cable
  • 4x screw M6x25
  • 8x steel washer 6mm
  • 4x plastic washer 6mm
  • Set of polyurethanes – 2x black (70Sh), 1x blue (80Sh), 1x Orange (90Sh)
  • Meca EVO SQ shifter
  • PCB box
  • USB-C cable
  • 4x screw M6x25
  • 8x steel washer 6mm
  • 4x plastic washer 6mm
  • Small wrench for adjusting the spring preload
  • User guide


The new Meca EVO1 pedals increase the emphasis on the robustness, reliability and adjustability

so thus sets the new standard for high-end simracing equipment. The height of the pedals is precisely measured for a perfect ergonomic position for both GT and F1 sitting. Due to their adjustability, the pedals are suitable for all types of simulations from road cars across GT cars to F1 cars.

They are made from 4mm thick steel with a surface treatment

Solid construction

We use a high quality bearings. Unibals on the rods are made in according to the Automotive enviroment (stainless steel, aluminum and brass).


Meca EVO1 is equipped with new electronics from our own production. The new electronic board has proven RJ11 connectors for easy connection of each pedal.

Excellent quality

Steel parts are made on a CNC Laser. Face plates are treated with ballotin (glass sandblasting).

Variability of attachment

Rig mounting is through pre-drilled holes, according to established standards. The pedals can be positioned in the groove of your choice.

Loadcell technology

All pedals are equipped with a high-quality load cell sensors and the power transmission to the sensor itself has been redesigned..

Fully adjustable

The angle of all pedals can be adjusted and the face plates are height-adjustable. Finding the right settings has never been easier.

New Meca Control Panel

The redesigned Meca Control Panel software now includes 9-point curve settings for each pedal and you can save your own setting profiles. You can also set deadzones and calibrate individual pedals.

With the new accelerator pedal, you will have full control of turn exits.

The pedal has a stiffness adjustment, including fine adjustment using a preload spring with a round nut. It is possible to purchase a long faceplate for the heel’n’toe technique. The 20kg load cell sensor with a redesigned power transmission system on the sensor itself ensures precise power transmission. The padel faceplate is high-adjustable and the angle of the pedal can also be adjusted.

The brake pedal now has the option of setting the brake disc gap.

It is said, that the brake pedal is the most important piece of simracing equipment and that’s why we paid the most attention to it again.

We continue to use a proven system of cups that protects the polyurethane segments while simulating a pressurized braking system at full braking. It is now possible to set the brake disc gap using the preload spring. The 200kg load cell sensor continues to take care of the power transmission, thanks to which you can brake with a force of up to 136kg. The brake pedal also has a height-adjustable face plate.

Perfect ergonomics for both GT and F1 cars

With our clutch you will love every shift of your historic racing car.

The degressive style of our clutch aims at the most faithful feeling you have in a real car. The pedal is equipped with a total of four springs, thanks to which everyone can adjust the stiffness according to their preference. In addition, the stiffness can be adjusted using the groove in the pedal. Load cell sensor ensures accurate power transmission. The pedal faceplate can be height-adjusted and you can also set the angle of the pedal.

Universal and fully adjustable baseplate

The new baseplate with a fully adjustable heel plate also contributes to perfect ergonomics.

The primary part for fastening the pedals is made of extruded aluminum. The entire baseplate forms a very compact and solid base for large load forces that act on the individual pedals, especialy the brake pedal – up to 136kg. As a result,, there is no undesirable bend. High variability ensures that everyone finds the perfect position for their races.

It is said that passing a turn sideways isn’t one of the fastest, but the feeling when you do it is priceless

and that’s why we invited the most professional rally drivers to develop this handbrake. Our handbrake has a perfect length and the right toughness, which you can adjust to your preferences thanks to two polyurethanes. The lever itself can be positioned and of course there is also a replaceable head.

VReplaceable lever head

The lever head is mounted on the M10 thread and can be replaced by a self-made head.

Proven load cell

The Mavin load cell sensor with a maximum possible load of 200kg takes care of the power transmission. It’s the same sensor that’s used on the Meca EVO1 brake pedal.

Fully adjustable

Thanks to the replaceable polyurethanes, you can adjust the shift length of the brake and its toughness. The proven bowl system takes care of the protection of polyurethanes.

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