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TREQ Single to Triple – Upgrade Kit

TREQ Single to Triple – Upgrade Kit

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With this upgrade kit, you can change your single monitor mount or stand, into one with triple screens. It includes all the parts needed to make this change. This kit comes standard with two VESA 75-100 mounting plates, for those that already have Treq’s Unified Single Monitor Mount or our Single Monitor Stand. If you have single screen accessory from a different brand and want to upgrade, you can choose the option that includes an extra VESA plate. This way you’ll be sure all three screens are aligned at the same height.

The upgrade kit is compatible with the following monitor mountings:

  • Unified Single Monitor Mount
  • Single Monitor Stand 75-100

It uses 40×40 mm aluminum extrusion profiles with a slot size of 8 mm, and is compatible with all brands that use the same size
The 780 mm profile will be replaced with one of 950 mm length if you’re currently using the Unified Mount.

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