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Moza: R9, R16, R21

Logitech: G25, G27, G29, G920, G923, G PRO Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster: T150, T300, T500RS, TX, TMX, TS-XW

Fanatec: CSL, CSW, CSL DD / Pro / GT DD1, DD2

Accuforce: V1, V2

Simucube: If you plan to use a Simucube Sport or Pro on the Treq One, an optional Front Wheel Mount is required.

VRS: Direct Force Pro


Moza: SRP, CRP

Meca: Evo 1 Pedals

Logitech wheel bases always come with pedals. These all fit via bottom mounting.

Asetek: Forte, Invicta Brake & Throttle, Invicta Clutch

Heusinkveld Sprint, Pro and Ultimate


This rig is the future base for all your sim racing miles. From the heavy force of a load cell brake, to the high torque from direct drive wheels, the Treq One can handle it all. Build from mostly 80×40 mm aluminum profiles, she features an enormous amount of adjustability, while offering the rigidness and stiffness you desire from a sim rig.

wheel and pedal plate alu sim rig


Both the wheel and pedal deck are designed in such a way that they provide high adjustability, without loosing any strength. The steering wheel is adjustable to move closer or further away, without the need to loosen the complete wheel bridge of the rig. Critical parts have all gone through multiple FEM-analyses before being tested in real life.

The Treq One can be adjusted to fit any person, from any length. If you’re 150 or 210 cm, the rig
can be set up so anyone can comfortably reach their wheel and pedals.

Included with this rig are cable management tools and a very clear step-by-step manual on how to build it.
The rig is build on top of 4 rubber feet. If you need a rig that’s easy to move, have a look at our caster wheels.

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