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TREQ Basic Monitor Mount

TREQ Basic Monitor Mount

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A simple monitor mount for screens with a VESA pattern of 75 or 100.


This monitor mount is designed to hold screens with a VESA pattern of 75 or 100 behind your wheel base. You can adjust your monitor or TV placement in distance and height. This product is mounted on the profiles behind the wheel base. This means it is compatible with the Treq One and the Treq Ace, but not with the Treq Formula. It’s also compatible with the Fanatec Side Mounts installed.

All bolts and nuts are included, together with a set of M4 spacers.

With this mount it’s not possible to place you monitor on top or in front of your wheel base. If you like your screen up close, we recommend the Unified Monitor Mount.

Treq Basic Monitor Mount

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