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The ultimate sim racing rig, the TREQ ACE.

With a base made out of 160 x 40 mm profiles, an enforced steering bridge and an incredibly strong pedal-deck, this rig will last you a lifetime, no matter the forces you throw at it.


The design of the pedal deck means this rig is compatible with all pedals on the market, and no matter how hard you step on the brake: the rig won’t flex. This means you can mount anything from Logitech to Heusinkveld and beyond. The pedal deck is equipped with hand levers, which makes adjusting the pedal distance easy and quick.

The ‘Standard Wheel Deck’ is designed to handle the high torque of direct drive wheels of over 30 Nm. It’s made out of 5 mm thick powder coated steel and we include the bolts to mount your base to it. The drill pattern of the deck is compatible with the following wheels:

MOZA: R5, R9, R16, R21
Logitech: G25, G27, G29, G920, G923
Thrustmaster: T150, T300, T500, TX, TMX, TS-XW
 DD1, DD2, CSL DD, CSW v1, v2 and v2.5, Elite, CSL DD GT Pro
AccuForce: V1, V2

The drill pattern of the Simucube Front Mount wheel deck is compatible with:

Simucube: Sport, Pro, Ultimate

The drill pattern of the Fanatec DD Side Mount is compatible with:

Fanatec: DD1, DD2

The drill pattern of the Fanatec CSL DD Side Mount is compatible with:

Fanatec: CSL DD, GT DD Pro

Included with this rig are cable management tools and a very clear step-by-step manual on how to build it.


TREQ ACE Dimensions Drawing

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