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  • Developed according to the requirements of real racers
  • Quality strong construction of 4mm thick steel with surface treatment
  • Optimal lever length
  • Possibility to set the motion length
  • Possibility to set stiffness from 2kg to 7kg
  • Possibility to set spring preload
  • Omron quality switches
  • Own electronics design
  • Possibility of exchanging the lever head for custom made (M10 thread)
  • Attachement to the rig via grooves in the structure

The Meca SQ EVO is our new gear shifter, which has been developed with an emphasis on maximum realism

and that’s why we cooperated with real racers in the development, both from the world of rally and circuit racing. The lever has an ideal length and the possibility of setting the stiffness of the shift according to which racing car you want to drive.

Made from 4mm thick steel with surface treatment

Replaceable lever head

The lever head is mounted on the M10 thread and can be replaced by a self-made head.


Meca SQ EVO is equipped with own-made electronics and is fully adjustable in the Meca Control Panel software. Omron quality switches are used.

Fully adjustable

Possibility to adjust the stiffness of the lever from 2kg to 7kg. You can also set the travel path or spring preload settings.

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