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  • Compatible with all MOZA bases
  • Hand-made Stitch Leather
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Customized Quick Release from Real Racing
  • RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator
  • 22 Programmable Buttons

Exquisite, Sporty Leather

With careful sewing and coating, our high-quality leather feels good to touch and for extended use.

Aluminum Alloy Base

Right down to the skeleton, enjoy solid and sturdy aluminum alloy for maximum immersion.

ES Formula Wheel Mod

The formula wheel mod transforms the ES wheel into a formula wheel.

*The ES Formula Wheel Mod is specially designed and adapted for the ES wheel.

280mm Formula
Wheel Mod

With dimensions matching a real formula racing wheel, the 280mm ES formula wheel mod is designed for immersion, realism, and performance.

Aviation Grade
Aluminum Body

Using 4mm-thick aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the wheel rim mod is durable and rigid whilst remaining highly responsive thanks to this long-lasting lightweight alloy.

Rubber Grips

The grips are injection molded using environmentally friendly TPU rubber. They are non-slip, sweat-proof, and durable with a premium feel.

Racing-level Quick Release System

MOZA's all aluminum, quick release system allows for effortless changing of wheel rims.Whether you are rallying or racing in F1, swap wheels in mere seconds.

Aluminum Alloy Shifters

Every shift feels neat and clean using our all-aluminum design.

22 Customizable Buttons

22 fully customizable buttons allow for racers to make all of the on-board adjustments they need while in the heat of battle.

Flow Shift Light Design

MOZA's signature flow light design gives racers an immersive experience and ensures every shift is just right.


Wheel Material

Microfiber Leather

Frame and Front Plate Material

Aluminum Alloy

Dial Material

Aluminum Alloy


11 inches



LED Lamp Beads


Intelligent Telemetry


Configurable LEDS (MOZA Pit House)


Disassembly method

Quick Release System

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