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TREQ Triple Monitor Stand 75-100

TREQ Triple Monitor Stand 75-100

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A stand alone triple monitor stand, for screens up to 27 inch.

A triple monitor stand that has no connection to your rig, so your screens are completely free of any vibration your wheel might generate. This is the ‘smaller’ version, which means we recommend screens up to 27 inch for this stand. Got any bigger? Check out the Triple Monitor Stand 100-200.

This one includes easy to adjust VESA mounts, with 75×75 and 100×100 patterns. You can move your screens as close as you want, at any angle you want (between 35° and 75°). The VESA-plates are designed in such a way that aligning your 3 screens is very easy, without the need for additional tools.

The height of the stand reaches 124 cm, and the width is highly dependent on screen angle and type of monitor. But to give you an indication: a regular 27″ triple screen setup reaches 130 to 140 cm wide.

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