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Moza Universal Hub Kit

Moza Universal Hub Kit

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What´s in the BOX:
  • Wheelbase Mount Adapter
  • Extension Hub
  • Retractable Coil Cord for FSR wheel (3m)
  • USB Type-B Cable (1.8m)
  • USB Type-C Cable (1.8m)
  • 3M Adhesive

MOZA Universal Hub Kit

The adapter can be mounted onto two different third-party wheelbases, the Hub can connect the KS Steering Wheel, FSR Formula Wheel, and SR-P Lite Pedals directly to the PC.

Increased Compatibility

The MOZA Universal Hub can connect the MOZA FSR Formula Wheel, MOZA SR-P Lite pedals, and other upcoming products, directly to the PC.

Aviation Grade Aluminum Body

The MOZA Universal Hub features an all-metal design with exceptional rigidity and durability.

Dual Power Supply System

The dual power supply system ensures the stable operation of power-consuming devices. The dual power supply system is recommended when connecting via USB 2.0.

Multiple Input Ports

4 Input Ports, including three expansion ports and one pedal port, allow the connection of multiple Moza Racing devices to a single USB port.

One Adapter Fits Multiple Wheelbase

The adapter has three 50mm and six 70mm threaded hole patterns and can be mounted onto two different third-party wheelbases.

CNC Machined Aluminum Body

The wheelbase adapter is CNC machined with aviation-grade aluminum and high-precision fabrication techniques, ensuring a solid and precise connection and a smooth release process.

Quick Install & Release

The wheelbase adapter is quick and easy to install and release.


1. The MOZA FSR formula wheel needs the universal hub and wheelbase adapter to work with wheelbases outside the MOZA ecosystem.

2. For wheelbases that require communication with the FSR chip a compatible quick-release adapter is required

What's Included

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