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We are giant simracing geeks! With insight and experience, we can find products to suit all levels of a simracing enthusiast. With carefully selected products and a lot of testing, you will see these products in our lineup! That being said, we offer unique products at low purchase prices, it doesn't matter if you are a full-blooded pro or a beginner, you get the same benefits!

Unique Service!

We have a great focus on service and function, We work to satisfy you, the customer, as you are the most important thing we have. It is you, who allow us to work with what we love and it is only right that we offer you fantastic service, advice. You will be well taken care of here!

Quality Products!

Moza Racing, Meca, has packed our range full of products. With world-class quality and software, these products were a clear choice for us, and with the help of these fantastic manufacturers, we take Swedish simracing to a new level.

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